Leven Kali Makes Some Confessions Thanks To Liquid Courage On 'EEK'

Photo Credit: Leven Kali/Instagram

It's been two years since Leven Kali released his album HIGHTIDE. Though we haven't heard from him much on the solo tip since, we have been hearing him on the production side of things — most notably on Jazmine Sullivan's "Tragic." It looks as if the singer-songwriter is ready for his time in the spotlight once again, though, as he steps back on the scene with his new single "EEK."

If you're wondering why the song is named after the sound you make when extremely embarrassed, the lyrics definitely clue you in. After sitting down with a bit of drink in his cup, it seems that he wants to get a few things off his chest about his last relationship. After setting the scene a bit at the song's beginning, he chimes in, "We sipping champagne till it’s three in the morn’ / Now I can’t lie this drink of mine got me out here confessing," he sings in stream of consciousness. "But if you wanna pour one more probably tell you it all / So one day she walked out my life / I don’t talk about it I’ll be alright."

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Backing up his un-sober thoughts is a mellow groove of synths and easy drums that glide along with his voice as he opens up about his pain. This is especially true toward the end, as piano joins the mix before all the instruments drop brokenheartedly sings, "You said that you loved me."

Leven Kali might be feeling a little vulnerable on "EEK," but his honesty is refreshing during a time when posturing happens more often than not. Listen to Leven's confessions when you press play.

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