LaToya London & Anthony Hamilton Reflect Real-Life Love In 'On Everything'

Photo Credit: LaToya London/YouTube

LaToya London and Anthony Hamilton provided music lovers and lovers in general with a dazzling duet when her single "On Everything" dropped on Valentine's Day. The singer keeps the love flowing and momentum going with the release of the song's music video.

London and Hamilton star as a couple in the visual, and like most couples, they have their share of ups and downs. But despite any stress, strain or strife, their foundation is solid and nothing can tear them asunder.

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The "On Everything" video begins with LaToya returning home after a long day at work to find the house in disarray. She straightens up a smidge before going to the bedroom where she finds a bouquet of roses, a lacy black robe and a handwritten note from AHam waiting for her. She smiles and escapes to the bathroom to take a bubble bath.

While she's luxuriating, Anthony is across town conducting a meeting with a few Black men. He implores the fellas to "protect and love our women," and one of the attendees shares some sage wisdom. We return to scenes of LaToya in the tub and flashbacks of the couple both loving on and fighting with each other.

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Anthony's meeting ends, and he returns home to LaToya who is ready and waiting to thank him for the gifts he left – one of which she's wearing. They share an embrace, sing to each other and drink some wine. Their relationship might not be perfect, but they make it work and put that "On Everything."

The year is still young, but with this new single and a new album on the way, LaToya London could have the comeback story of 2022. While we wait to see, watch her and Anthony Hamilton in action in the "On Everything" video below.

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