Kem Logs Some Solo Time To Reflect On Love In 'Stuck On You'

Photo Credit: Kem/YouTube

Kem has been a romantic figure in R&B since he first stepped on the scene. So, with the singer readying new album and tour, it's no surprise that he stuck to his bread and butter on his single "Stuck On You." He also sticks to what's tried and true when it comes to the song's visual.

The clip opens with Kem walking toward the camera is his finest luxury casual wear. The camera then lingers on him throughout the clip. Most of the shots of him feature him solo as he walks the grounds of a palatial estate. And we do mean palatial. The grass is greener, the pool is bluer and the sun kisses it in a way that creates the most romantic visual you can imagine. And when he's not where we wanna be, he's shown pushing a classic whip as he winds the roads of the countryside.

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The cinematography featured in the clip is very dreamy and has us wishing we were right alongside Kem as he serenades us about love. We imagine that you'll feel the same when you watch the video for 'Stuck On You' below.

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