Jon Vinyl Has A Message For His Ex In 'Don't Care'

Photo Credit: Jon Vinyl/Instagram

Fresh off the fall 2021 release of his debut project Lost In You, singer-songwriter Jon Vinyl keeps the same energy and kicks off the new year on an emotional note. For his latest single “Don’t Care,” the Toronto-native details his struggle to navigate through an inevitable and uncomfortable breakup.

Over the trap-style track, with a touch of a chopped and screwed outro, Jon recounts all the times he felt disconnected and his feelings were disregarded. The record narrates a relationship that has left Vinyl feeling unheard and unloved. Still, there seems to be a light at the end of this relationship’s tumultuous tunnel, as he emerges with the confidence and the courage to walk away towards what he truly deserves.

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This latest release picks right where his debut album left off, as Jon still struggles to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship. He explains, “My last project centered around the ups and downs of trying to please my girl and all the work I had put into making things work. After all the trials and tribulations, we endured, we decided to end the relationship and go our separate ways.” He continues, “I’m sure – after hearing this new track – you can see that I’m clearly struggling to cope with my emotions, but I feel like she’s too far gone and doesn’t care.”

Listen to Jon Vinyl's “Don’t Care” below and then add the track to your heartbreak playlist from your preferred digital platform.

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