Fana Hues Tries To Find Peace With 'Wild Horses'

Photo Credit: Fana Hues/YouTube

Though her 2020 debut collection Hues quickly placed singer-songwriter Fana Hues on the radar, it was her feature on Tyler, the Creator’s 2021 masterpiece CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST and her brilliant performance of her single "Breakfast" on COLORS that made her a striking standout among her peers. As the Pasadena native prepares to release her next project, she gifts her growing fan base with another single entitled “Wild Horses.”

Fana floats effortlessly over the spacy track as she takes listeners along while she processes a lost love. Though time might be the greatest healer, Fana maintains that one must go through stages of “denying the fact that it happened, turning it into shameful pettiness, self-reflection, re-grounding myself and acceptance, and then letting it go.”

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This latest release marks the third single from Fana’s upcoming album flora + fana, which is said to embody the space she and her music have created around her. She explains, ‎“flora + fana represents my world and everything it encompasses, and right now, that’s growth, love, ‎heartaches, and breaks. It’s also representative of ‎how I cope with the state of the world. No matter what’s happening outside, my ecosystem is ‎flourishing.”‎

With the state of the outside world, we could all use a page out of Fana's book, and it seems her new project might be just what we need for a bit of a shift from reality. She adds, "The music I make is an ecosystem. It has all the fixings to be sustainable on its own. My goal is to leave you full after listening. All needs met." 

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Allow Fana Hues’ “Wild Horses” to satisfy your hunger for good music, and watch the Olivia Aquilina-directed lyric video below. Add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform, and pre-save the full flora + fana project before its March 25th release date.

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