Teisha Marie Declares The Time Is 'Now'

Photo Credit: Teisha Marie/Spotify

As the pandemic drags along with no real end in sight, many are met with a decision to make. One can either allow the fear of uncertainty to overcome them or they move forward in faith and, hopefully, a bit of common sense. Singer-songwriter Teisha Marie has chosen the latter and is using her art to encourage us all to do the same. Her latest single “Now” serves as a bright beacon of light while many struggle to navigate through the darkness. Self-taught musician and producer Ahmed Sirour laced the tracked with a bit of Caribbean flavor, lifting our spirits as the Bounce-Worthy songbird sings, “Get on with it, get into it / Time to create, focus your mind / The choice you make, it’s yours to take / Don’t hesitate, now is the time.”

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As artists often draw from their experiences in the creation of their craft, Teisha didn’t have to look far for the inspiration behind her latest offering. The mantra “push past procrastination” was her guide, and we all now reap the benefits of her making it to the other side. She shares, “This pandemic ain't been kind, but I'm changing my mind to push through!” Here’s hoping the love received for this latest bop keeps her momentum going, as we look forward to hearing much more from her.

Find your motivation and give Teisha Marie’s “Now” a spin below. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

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