SZA & LaKeith Stanfield Get Heated In The ‘I Hate U’ Visualizer

Photo Credit: SZA/YouTube

People are loving SZA’s “I Hate U.” Originally, it was part of a set of unreleased tracks the artist shared last August to keep fans happy until her oft-delayed sophomore album was released. Now, after an official release at the beginning of December, it’s her latest hit. To keep the buzz going, SZA has shared a visualizer for the track, starring actor LaKeith Stanfield.

In the clip, LaKeith is on the phone having a heated argument with SZA, who doesn’t make an appearance in the video besides her face on his iPhone screen. The clip opens with a sweeping aerial shot over a beach on a rainy day. Director Jack Begert‘s camera lands on a car parked in an empty lot. LaKeith steps out of the vehicle mid-rant and has a volatile conversation with the person on the other end of the call, who we assume is SZA. LaKeith takes a walk down to the beach to clear his head and have a smoke. We soon get confirmation that it was SZA he was arguing with when he gets a text that reads, “i hate you,” from her. Ouch. That triggers LaKeith, and the gripping clip ends with him throwing the phone in the drink.

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While this could have easily been the official video, the visualizer sets us up for more with the words “Not The End” appearing on a black screen. On Instagram, SZA refers to this as “Part 1,” so we look forward to the next visual chapter.

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