Sherren Olivia Has Questions That Need Answers On 'Are You Alone'

Photo Credit: Nathan Miller

Sherren Olivia is a name relatively new to the scene. The singer first made waves when she released a trio of singles in 2020 that caught the attention of listeners. And just before the clock ran out on 2021, she rewarded those who had been streaming her work with her latest single "Are You Alone."

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Sherren gets contemplative about love on the single, setting her thoughts to production that captures her late-night feelings thanks to a slick guitar loop and programmed drums that quietly knock. She gets pretty direct on the track, letting us know she's not the kind of girl who likes to be alone as she sings, "I'm sick and tired of being alone / Needed some time and space on your own / Why you ain't tryin' to answer your phone? / Answer your phone / Are you alone?" Lush, layered harmonies help her get things off her chest as she wonders if this break they're on is really a breakup on the low. Despite her want to be with her boo, though, she's not afraid to move on. She even expresses as much if you listen closely, as she sings at one point, "Keep playing / I'ma get me somebody."

We're sure Sherren Olivia isn't the only one that's felt like this in a situationship. See if you can relate when you press play.

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