Selah Sue Wants To Feel Again On ‘Pills’

Photo Credit: Selah Sue/YouTube

If you’ve taken antidepressants or known someone who has, then you’ve probably heard that while they can be stabilizing, they can also rob you of emotions at times. Singer-songwriter Selah Sue knows the experience firsthand and opens up about it with her newest single “Pills.”

“Pills” shows the singer being vulnerable about her experience. “In this song I imagine myself partying on the dancefloor, but apathetic because of the pills, unable to feel anything,” she said in a press release. “The medicine has a strong stabilizing effect on me, which in normal times, I don’t find it to be a big deal, especially since I need it. But at a party with friends, the effects aren’t pleasant: it’s as if I’d lost all emotions.” The song’s lyrics, deceptively set over a pulsing, disco-like groove, express this sentiment perfectly. “I wish that I could feel something / But the pills do what they do,” she sings. “I was dancin’ on the ceiling / Now I can’t feel nothin’ new.”

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The song’s video further illustrates this as we watch Selah Sue take her medication and slog through her life in her house clothes. The comfy pajamas aren’t necessarily a bad choice, but when a party erupts around her or she’s walking outdoors in nature, we see just how they affect her daily life. It’s a topic not necessarily addressed and Selah does it in such an expected way that you can’t help but sit up and listen.

“Pills” will be included on Selah’s upcoming album Persona, which is set to drop on March 25th. Listen to the single and watch the video below.

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