Rob Milton Is Over Fake People On 'Let Me Down'

Photo Credit: Rob Milton/Instagram

Our boy Rob Milton is in "new year, new me" mode it seems. The prolific singer-songwriter, fresh off a productive 2021 thanks to his EP All Boys Cry, is kicking off his 2022 with brand new music and a pretty straightforward message courtesy of his new cut "Let Me Down."

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Rob opts for a minimal beat this go 'round, with a programmed drum rhythm and simple melodic arrangement being all that he uses to underscore his lyrics. That's really all he needs, though, as he gets to the point pretty quickly on the song. "Miss me with that fake s**t / Let your ego win / Congratulations / I'm all out of patience / I can't try again / I'm done, I'm wavin'," he opens, letting anyone who ain't on the same vibe as him off at the curb from jump. He goes a bit further in the verses that follow as he lets it be known that he doesn't have the time for people who don't have his best interest at heart. "Let me down, me down," he sings on the chorus. "I can't let me down."

The sound and subject matter is a bit different from what we've heard from Rob Milton and we are not mad at it one bit. If you've felt the need to shrink your circle down to those who actually mean you well in this new year, we suggest adding this one to your motivational playlist.

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