Lion Babe Offers Another Stunning Visual With 'Radiant Child'

Photo Credit: Lion Babe/YouTube

Lion Babe has been delivering when it comes to their current Rainbow Child era. Not only are the songs on the album bangers, but the visuals that spawned from the collection have been first-rate affairs dripping with style and creativity. The clips were coming at a pretty quick pace at one point, but the duo has allowed more than three months to pass between releasing their last video, "It's Okay," and their latest, a moving clip for "Radiant Child."

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The clip takes us to into nature as the twosome walk through the stalks of a bamboo garden. The strong and resilient plant acts as a metaphor for the titular radiant child. The song speaks to those who might feel a bit different from the norm and the pain that comes with that. However, they must find their strength and resilience in order to share their much-needed light with the world. The video gets a bit emotional at times, with the gorgeously adorned Jillian Hervey even shedding tears at one point as she sings directly to the camera. Astro Raw also shows up in the clip walking among the stalks and looking to the sun that filters through them. The clip is another lesson in economy. The concept itself is a simple one, but the execution of it is quite stirring and effective.

The Rainbow Child era for Lion Babe has proven to be one that's shown just how creative and essential the duo is to the current music scene. Only two tracks from the album — "Home" and closer "Thank You, Thank You" — haven't received the received the video treatment thus far. At this rate, however, we wouldn't be surprised if videos don't materialize soon to make Rainbow Child a true visual album.

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