Lady Wray Wants A Tumultuous Kind Of Love On 'Joy & Pain'

Photo Credit: Lady Wray/Instagram

We're just weeks away from the release Piece Of Me, the upcoming album from songstress Lady Wray. The singer has teased the album with singles like the title track and "Thank You" since 2019. So, you can imagine that anticipation for the project has been quite high. Before the set's arrival, though, Lady Wray is giving us one more listen with the brand new track "Joy & Pain."

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"Joy & Pain" finds Wray proclaiming what she needs from a love affair. "I want the sunshine / I want the rain / I want the good, the bad / The ugly, crazy, insane / Love me, kiss me / Then push me away," she sings. She continues singing about the dysfunctional kinda love that she's seeking, making it sound almost romantic in her delivery (the sign of a truly gifted vocalist). Also helping in the cause is production from Leon Michels — who also serves as the producer on Piece Of Me — who gives Lady a soulful sound backed by piano, guitar and stacked vocal harmonies to keep things enthralling.

We don't necessarily want that hot/cold, call-the-cops-and-then-bail-me-out kind of love that she's singing about on "Joy & Pain," but we could listen to Lady Wray sing about it all day.

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