Kaytranada & H.E.R. Make 'The Tonight Show' Move With 'Intimidated'

Photo Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

GRAMMY Award-winning producer Kaytranada has kept us moving throughout this seemingly never-ending pandemic and he continued to do so when he dropped his recent EP Intimidated in November of last year. Though he's had tour dates here and there, it's rare that we get to see him on our screens. He made that happen with an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (and in turn made his debut on the program) performing the set's title track with H.E.R. last night.

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The performance started simple enough with Kaytra clapping behind his boards and H.E.R. at the piano playing the song's opening piano chords as she sings. He soon dropped the beat, though, prompting the songstress to move to the front of the stage with her mic. The two then vibed throughout the performance with him mixing the groove on the spot and H.E.R. feeling the groove along with him. With such a simple chemistry between them, not a lot of flash and flair was needed and they didn’t clog up the stage with dancers or other musicians. Instead, they let their instruments and tools do the talking to captivating effect.

Based on how well this performance went and the effortless vibe between the two, we wouldn't be surprised if more collaborations between Kaytranada and H.E.R. happened in the future. You can see what we mean when you watch below. Kaytra's Intimidated, which also features collaborations with Thundercat and Mach-Hommy, is available now.

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