Jully Black Is Back & Over It With ‘No Relation’

Photo Credit: Jully Black/YouTube

It’s been 13 years since we received an album from Canadian singer Jully Black. She’s popped up with singles here and there ever since (including her 2015 jam “Fever”), but it looks like she’s ready to give us another full-length project this year. Before she does so, though, she’s breaking us off with her latest single “No Relation” and its stylish music video.

“No Relation” finds Jully cutting someone off who no longer deserves access to all the gloriousness of her. With a sampled string loop, horns and programmed drums sounding off in the background, she offers a feisty kiss-off to make sure they know where they stand. “Took up all of my patience / Put that a** on probation / No matter the occasion / Ain’t got no more relation with you,” she sings on the chorus while giving enough attitude to let it be known that she means business.

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The song’s video finds Jully Black giving us fashion against a minimal backdrop to great effect. The wavy-locked singer spends most of the video in a stylish trench, flowy pants, a cleavage-baring top and killer heels as she tells off the camera. Joining her are a few equally fashionable friends who post it up and dance alongside her, turning the track into a female empowerment anthem with a bit of bite to it.

Jully Black is back and we couldn’t be happier. We also can’t wait to see what she’ll be bringing as 2022 rolls along.

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