FKA twigs Takes It To The Streets For ‘ride the dragon’ & ‘meta angel’ From ‘CAPRISONGS’ Mixtape

Image Credit: FKA twigs/Spotify

FKA twigs has lived her life in the headlines for the past couple of years as a survivor of intimate partner abuse. Her music has reflected some of the chaos she was experiencing, and she stated that she even thought, “that maybe I had hit the end of the road making music and putting my insides on blast how I have done for the last few years.” Thankfully, she reconsidered and took some of the pressure off of herself after deciding to no longer create for the world but for herself in the midst of being isolated during the pandemic lockdown. With the support of her tight circle, the singer was transformed, and music was among the many things she fell back in love with. The result is her new mixtape CAPRISONGS, which twigs describes as, “my journey back to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends.”

CAPRISONGS is FKA twigs’ most diverse in genre and feature-heavy project to date. Amongst the slew of guest artists are Daniel Caesar (“careless”), Jorja Smith (“darjeeling”) and The Weeknd who joined her on single “tears in the club” and co-starred in the flashy music video. The artist has since dropped two more visuals for her solo songs “ride the dragon” and “meta angel,” with both clips dialing back the flash and the budget to do things more guerilla-style outdoors.

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The video for “ride the dragon” finds FKA twigs running the streets of London with her dancer friends. Director Aidan Zamiri follows the ladies to the steps of Hackney Town Hall in East London where they get ready to do a dance routine before a female security guard attempts to stop them. FKA twigs tells the guard that they’re, “Just doing a TikTok,” and she leaves them be. The beat drops and twigs and company break out into some choreography. Unfortunately, another security guard quickly comes through to kill the vibe and makes them leave the premises. They do as told, and end up at a convenience store where they mug for the camera and twerk in the aisles. Undeterred from their original plan, they sneak back onto the Hackney Town Hall grounds to try to finish what they started.

Aidan Zamiri is back in the director’s chair for “meta angel.” FKA twigs plays two versions of herself: one looking lost and confused as she stands alone in the grass at a public park and one determined and on a mission as she climbs to a building’s rooftop. When the latter gets to the roof, she finds a bow and arrow and picks it up like a seasoned archer. She focuses on her target, which, you guessed it, is the other version of herself down below. She takes aim and takes herself out, with a shot through the heart. The arrow doesn’t kill FKA twigs, not quickly at least; she stumbles, collapses, rolls around in agony and gives an award-winning performance of someone fighting death. This all happens in broad daylight as passersby go about their day and business.

After releasing three videos thus far from CAPRISONGS, word on the street is that more tracks will get a visual treatment from the project on which she says she, “learnt to laugh again and remember who i am.” FKA twigs found her passion for music and found herself along the way, with CAPRISONGS serving as the eclectic soundtrack to the journey.

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