Emeli Sandé Promises ‘Brighter Days’ Ahead

Photo Credit: Emeli Sandé/Twitter

As we rapidly approach the beginning of the third year of the COVID-19 global pandemic with seemingly no end in sight, it’s hard to imagine life ever getting back to pre-pandemic “normal.” That’s a sobering thought, but Emeli Sandé offers up some audio optimism on her latest single “Brighter Days.”

Sandé feels everyone’s pain on the first verse. “We’ve seen it all / The tears have fallen / And every step is on the edge / And we’re so confused / We don’t understand / It feels like this night won’t end,” she softly sings over handclaps and piano before launching into the rousing chorus. “But there’s gonna be brighter days, brighter days / I’ll keep you lifted when you’re losing faith,” she belts. The song stays on 10 from there with more inspirational lyrics guaranteed to lift your mood.

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She keeps that same energy in the music video directed by Lewis Carter. It starts off with Emeli playing an upright piano in a dilapidated house with barren walls, dirt floors and a dead tree trunk in the middle of it all. Once she hits the chorus, though, we see some signs of life. Sunlight shines through the windows, grass and moss starts to grow and flowers begin to sprout and bloom. Emeli gets up from the piano and sings from a couple of different rooms and on the stairs. She looks genuinely content and happy, and her joy is contagious.

The singer-songwriter shared a message about the song on her website: ‘Brighter Days’ is inspired by the truth that even in the darkest moments, there is always hope. We might have to dig deeper to feel it, but hope is always there. Staying anchored in hope and faith is our victory and defeat only comes when we lose sight of this power. ‘Brighter Days’ is an affirmation – it’s a reminder of our collective power to make a choice and create our reality…Brighter days are coming. Stepping out of the darkness is within our control. Fear is not ours, pessimism does not belong to us, defeat is not our choice. We choose brighter days and this song is the voice of hope, faith and love.’

Emeli Sandé’s “Brighter Days” is the anthem we need right now. Press play on the single and music video below and, by all means, press on.

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