Amber Mark Warns Us About 'Most Men' For 'COLORS'

Photo Credit: Amber Mark/Twitter

It's hard to believe that Amber Mark will be releasing her debut album Three Dimensions Deep at the end of the month. That's mainly because the artist carries herself like a seasoned vet and the fact that she's been jamming through our speakers since 2018. To prepare use for Amber season, the singer-songwriter released a bevy of songs last year — including recent singles "What It Is" and "Softly." Now she's taking her talents to COLORS Studios to premiere her newest song "Most Men."

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As is the norm with COLORS' productions, the hues of the performance are vibrant — in this case the background is a sunny pale yellow and Amber dons a wine-colored skirt and corset with matching sleeves. The contrast matches the mood of "Most Men," which has a bouncy feel as she gives the ladies some saucy-yet-serious advice. With organ chords and shuffling drums serving as the musical backdrop, she gets pretty frank about men and their tendencies to be trash when it comes to love. Amber vibes along to the groove while dispensing wise words, singing, "Girl, girl, you better cut that playa out / Cut that playa out of your life / Most men are garbage / Don't understand what love is." Her assessment is sure to have a few fellas' feathers ruffled, but Amber's self-assured delivery and the song's undeniable groove are sure to make this one resonate with most audiences — but especially with the ladies out there looking for love.

As if we weren't already here for whatever Amber Mark was bringing to the table, "Most Men" has us even more ready to experience Three Dimensions Deep upon its release on January 28th. Get into the singer's COLORS performance of the track when you press play.

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