Zo! & Tall Black Guy To Kick Off 2022 With The 'Abstractions Tour'

Were mere days away from 2022 and the ongoing pandemic has us feeling like history is just repeating itself. Chin up, though, SoulBouncers! The new year will be bringing us many reasons to smile with a plethora of tours. That number will include Zo! and Tall Black Guy, who will be hitting the road at the top of the year on their just announced Abstractions Tour.

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The twosome, who have already played a couple dates in 2021 at The Kennedy Center and Capital Jazz Fest, are bringing their energy to a few select cities to warm up the cold winter months with their smoking hot grooves. Zo! and Tall Black Guy will kick off things on January 12th with a stop at Chicago's City Winery. From there, they'll work their magic at other City Winery venues in Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Atlanta and Nashville. Zo! and Tall Black Guy won't be traveling alone, either. They're bringing singer Deborah Bond with them and a full band to help bring their stellar collaborative project to life.

With the first show two weeks away, we'd suggest you get to getting while the getting is good. You can find ticket information by visiting here. Get vaxxed up, masked up and ready to go because these shows will definitely be can't-miss events.

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Zo! & Tall Black Guy 2022 Abstractions Tour Dates:

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Jan. 12 - City Winery Chicago
Jan. 13 - City Winery Philadelphia
Jan. 16 - City Winery Boston
Jan. 29 - City Winery DC
Feb. 9 - City Winery Atlanta
Feb. 10 - City Winery Nashville

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