Sinead Harnett Wants To Know ‘Where You Been Hiding’

Sinead Harnett brought it when she dropped her album Ready Is Always Too Late back in May. But if you happened to miss out on Sinead’s brand of R&B, then you have another chance to catch up. The singer is set to drop the deluxe edition soon, though she’s been coy with the exact date. She’s not being shy when it comes to getting us ready for its arrival, though, as she’s released a new single “Where You Been Hiding” and its gorgeous video.

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The song finds the singer feeling ready for love and looking for the one. Over a guitar-laden mid-tempo from frequent collaborator M-Phazes, Sinead ponders why she hasn’t found love just yet. The singer laments her past mistakes and opportunities missed, yet she still strives for love to find her, singing on the chorus, “Where you been hiding? / Tell me why you’re just so hard to find / Where you been hiding?” The video continues this journey as we see the impeccably dressed songstress walk through nature as she sings the lyrics. Though she looks amazing, her feelings are obvious (with her even sitting by the lake as tears start to come near the video’s end). Despite the sad moment, though, she still makes sure that the last image you see of her is a blushing smile before everything fades to black.

“I started writing this song whilst making my second album Ready Is Always Too Late. At the time I was honestly asking myself why I couldn’t seem to make any romantic relationship work,” Sinead said of the song’s inspiration in a statement. “I was questioning if it will ever happen, and if so where this person is. As time’s gone on and I eventually finished the song, I reflected on its meaning. The relationship I’ve had with myself needed some work and healing, which brings a whole new deeper level to the song for me. I’d been hiding from myself for too long.”

We always love when Sinead Harnett brings something new, and we can’t wait to hear what other new cuts will be found on the deluxe edition of Ready Is Always Too Late. While we all wait for something more definitive on its release, get into both the stream and the visual for “Where You Been Hiding” below.

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