Siaira Shawn Wonders ‘What’s Better’ Than You

After staying quiet for most of this year, Siaira Shawn returns to the scene with a new release entitled “What’s Better.” Produced by Mars Today (who’s often linked with the Soulection crew), the track features emotive tones that are perfectly paired with Siaira’s soft, angelic voice as she uses her poeticism to express her feelings of love.

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Shawn takes the listener on a journey as she sings to a lover that she admits, “But you don’t belong to me / But you belong to me,” touching on a subject matter that most of us have experienced before: being in bliss with someone despite an official title. However, title or no title, Shawn makes her proclamation very clear: “What’s better than you? / Nothing better for me, no.”

Sonically, this song is laced with Siaira’s soprano vocals that float atop a simple, melodic beat with piano chords and bass sprinkled throughout. This song makes it easy for the audience to understand why Siaira Shawn has continued to link with Mars Today, who is also responsible for the production of her 2019 EP, Tender.

Although “What’s Better” is her first release of 2021, Siaira Shawn announced via Instagram that she has a lot more to come in 2022. While we wait to see what the new year beholds for her, listen to “What’s Better” on repeat, as it’s perfect for cuddle season.

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