Otis Kane Has Tunnel Of Love Vision On 'Spaces'

Otis Kane helped kick off cuffing season with the release of his third project of 2021, November Love Notes. Yes, his third. While most artists would have propped their feet up for the rest of the year, Otis apparently never sleeps – or sleeps in his studio – and has released yet another new song entitled “Spaces.”

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“Spaces” opens with sparse guitar licks, setting the scene for Kane to pour his heart out to his lover. “I’m still learning how to love / I'm still learning how to trust, but you make it easy,” he sincerely sings. More instrumentation leaks its way into the track, like a heartbeat quickening, before it all manifests on the chorus. The message of the track is that Otis is with a love so great that he can’t focus on anything else, giving him “tunnel vision.”

After a mighty prolific year, Otis Kane is starting to get his props, recently being recognized as one of Pandora’s Artists To Watch 2022: The Pandora Ten. He’s also got a partnership popping with Samsung Mobile, using a Galaxy phone to shoot his “Only You” music video. It’s great to see the rest of the world catch up to what we already knew.

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Make some room for Otis Kane's “Spaces” in your slow jam collection, and be sure to check out his latest EP, November Love Notes, for more adult playtime playlist inspiration.

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