Numi Proves That She’s No ‘Loser’

Loners get a bad rap. Yes, sometimes it’s more fun to join the in-crowd, but there’s something to be said about forging your own path. Just ask rising star Numi, a singer-songwriter who dropped her debut Disorderly in 2019. She’s back again to make a statement with the release of her latest single “Loser.”

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On “Loser,” Numi gets straight to the point as she calls out folks who make life hard for independent thinkers. “Back then, no friends, I was a loner,” she opens the track. “Would look within, lived life a thinker / Desired genuine connection / While they judged others’ imperfections.” She doesn’t have time for any of that, though, as she focuses on what’s important. When it comes to the chorus, she offers a lesson to all those out there who might be feeling alienated, singing, “Loser is not a look / It’s a mentality / I’m about real friendship / I’m bout loyalty / They might call you loser / Because you’re in your own space / But many of those people just afraid / And play it safe.” At times, Numi’s vocal evokes the late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan in quality, which meshes quite well with the R&B-meets-alternative vibes the song is giving. The texture it provides makes it stand out from the crowd.

Judging by “Loser,” Numi has got a bright future ahead of her. Check out the track here, and be sure to follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her budding career.

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