Lucky Daye Has A Mean Love Hangover On 'Candy Drip'

Photo Credit: Anthony Supreme

Crooner Lucky Daye is readying his sophomore album for its upcoming arrival in 2022. He's started preparing us for what's to come with lead single "Over," but he's got plenty more where that came from. In fact, he's letting us get our next taste of the project by releasing the set's potential title track "Candy Drip."

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The song hooks you from the very beginning thanks to a wobbly bass line paired with a steady snare rhythm kicking things off. Lucky takes the opportunity to detail a love affair that's taking him down fast and unexpectedly. He might be caught off-guard, but he seems to be all in for whatever his mystery lady has to offer romantically. It's not all happy-go-lucky vibes here, though, as this lady's got some baggage. "Pretty white dress / How'd he get between us? When I know nobody knows," Lucky sings at one point. "Pretty white dress / Hope nobody sees us / 'fore you get home." The song doesn't go further to define what exactly is going on with these complications, but the mention of a white dress and him repeating "speak now" at some points has us thinking Lucky's lady love might be on her way down the aisle with another fella.

With "Over" and "Candy Drip," it seems that his next outing will be exploring the more complicated side of love when it arrives next spring. With his pen game on point and his penchant for catchy production, we have a feeling we'll be down for whatever stories Lucky Daye will be telling. Check out his "Candy Drip" when you press play.

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