JMSN Makes It Rain Emotion In ‘Heals Me’

JMSN has been giving us all the visuals with the release of his recent album Heals Me. He’s released a gang of ’em in the months since the album’s release, and they’ve all been pretty creative (especially the ridiculously hilarious “What Did I Get Myself Into”). Now he’s back to give us yet another visual from the set, this time bringing life to the set’s title track “Heals Me.”

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“Heals Me” is giving us emotion. It starts with a dim shot of the artist tickling the ivories as the strings of the song swell. But soon we’re shown a scene of him standing at the window as it pours outside. And we do mean that it pours. Water falls heavy as he stares despondently. Then we’re suddenly out in the elements with as the rain streams down in blinding sheets. One would think that this would be fitting for such a slow song, however “Heals Me” is actually a romantic ballad about the healing power you can find in one’s love. JMSN leans into the oddness of the juxtaposition of the song’s lyrics and the video’s setting, though, as he wrings out every drop of emotion he can with longing looks into the distance.

At the rate JMSN is going, we’re going to get a video for every track from Heals Me before the album reaches its six-month anniversary (not that we’re complaining at all). Check out the very rainy video for the title track when you press play.

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