Janet Jackson Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Her Most Iconic Videos For ‘Allure’

We think Janet Jackson is up to something. The singer has slowly but surely been posting more and more on her socials and making surprise appearances here and there. Yes, she has the career retrospective documentary JANET coming next month, but we sense that the legendary entertainer might have something more up her sleeve. One thing that’s got our senses tingling is the fact that she recently sat down for a rare media appearance for Allure‘s “Video Breakdown” series to give us the lowdown on some of her most iconic looks from some of her most iconic videos.

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The star (who donned an interesting new hairdo for the occasion) gave us the scoop on the outfits, hair and makeup that she wore in videos such as “Rhythm Nation,” “Scream,” “The Pleasure Principle” and more as well as some of the stories we didn’t know. She starts with “Rhythm Nation,” telling us about how the video short came to be along with some fun facts about the hours it took to shoot and the video’s relation to Blade Runner and Fahrenheit 451. She continues with the anecdotes as she spills about the seven-day, $7 million-shoot for “Scream” before getting a bit raunchy while describing her skintight “What’s It Gonna Be?!” outfit. There are a couple more video shoots she details as well, but we’ll let you discover which ones for yourself.

We’ll next see Janet Jackson on our screens when JANET simultaneously airs on A&E and Lifetime on January 28th. And if our sneaking suspicions are correct, we’ll be seeing even more of the icon in 2022.

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