FKA twigs & The Weeknd Go Through The Motions & Emotions In ‘Tears In The Club’

The club is a place to go to relax, relate and/or release. FKA twigs and The Weeknd do all that and more on the song “Tears In The Club” and in its accompanying visual. Finding themselves a little too lost in emotion – and quite possibly some adult beverages and/or controlled substances, they shed actual tears in the club.

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FKA twigs wants to be rid of her relationship woes on “Tears In The Club” and leave it all behind on the dance floor over a pop trap sound bed. “Wanna dance you out of my, gotta dance you out of / My hips, my thighs, my wrongs, my rights, yeah / Listen to the rhythm and make no compromise / Cause you hurt me,” she proclaims on the first verse. On the second verse, The Weeknd is the cause of twigs’ pain and offers up a cure, encouraging her to, “Girl, you should go with the motions / Oh, unload your emotions, baby.”

Ms. twigs decides to do just that in the music video, giving viewers a dance-heavy spectacle choreographed by in-demand choreographer Sean Bankhead and Zoï Tatopoulos. FKA may begin the video laying on the ground in the rain, but she’s soon scooped by a gang of dancers and the action takes off from there. She dances for her life everywhere from a club dance floor (with tears streaming down her face, of course) to a containment unit in some lab from a sci-fi movie to a warehouse. The Weeknd, meanwhile, sits in a dark room with tears flowing from his eyes as he watches stares at a large fluid-filled specimen jar with FKA twigs inside twirling on a pole. The video soon takes another turn when we see a miniature version of The Weeknd running from a giant version of FKA who picks him up and literally has the cause of her pain in the palm of her hand. The clip is a mixture of creepy and deep.

“Tears In The Club” will be featured on FKA twigs’ upcoming mixtape CAPRI SUN, which is short for “Capricorn sun,” a nod to her zodiac sign. All signs point to the project featuring three additional tunes with a scheduled release date of January 14, 2022.

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