FKA twigs & Central Cee Want Us To Understand The ‘Measure Of A Man’

Brits FKA twigs and rapper Central Cee are here to tell us about the “Measure Of A Man” with their theme song for the major motion picture The King’s Man.

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“Measure Of A Man” checks all the boxes for a theme song to a blockbuster film. A popular, usually British singer, check. Sweeping cinematic sound, check. Superhuman admiration for the main character, check. If you said the song was a Bond theme song, no one would even bat an eye. With her delicate vocals, FKA twigs opines about the virtues of her lover, who must leave her to fulfill his destiny. Meanwhile, Central Cee gives us a few lines about, “playing chess, not checkers,” and pontificates about getting his paper.

In the Diana Kunst-directed video for the track, twigs delivers old-school glamour meets new-school edge, taking on a few different looks inspired by the period drama with a sexy, contemporary twist. Known for her dancing almost as much as her singing, FKA showcases her skills throughout the video. In one scene, she dances with a samurai sword to battle another dancer dressed in military garb, and later in the visual she sheds most of her clothes and shows how limber she is with some sensual exotic dancing. Central Cee also makes an appearance in the clip, spitting his bars as FKA dances in the background.

“Measure Of A Man” is FKA twigs and Central Cee’s contribution to The King’s Man, the third film in the Kingsman series. The action spy period drama is a prequel that explains the origin of the Kingsman organization and stars Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou and a host of other familiar actors. The King’s Man hits theaters on December 22nd, but you can feast your ears and eyes on the theme song right here.

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