Bryson Tiller, Justin Bieber & Poo Bear Lament Their ‘lonely christmas’

Apparently, Christmas isn’t the best time of year for everybody. Especially when you ain’t got nobody. While Bryson Tiller, Justin Bieber and Poo Bear might have millions of fans, Christmas just ain’t Christmas without their number one. Instead of being alone solo dolo, the trio has come together for a little group therapy on the track “lonely christmas.”

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The idea of Bryson Tiller writing about being lonely at Christmas shouldn't be a surprise for the lothario. What is a surprise is the pop sound of the track, with trap synths traded in for upbeat guitar licks. On “lonely christmas,” each singer takes turns talking about missing their ex-boo thang, with Poo Bear exclaiming he, "might as well be a Jehovah’s Witness."

The music video for “lonely christmas” is inspired by the old-school claymation holiday movies. The visual actually opens with a live-action sequence, however. We see Tiller driving in the desert late at night, listening to classic holiday songs. He falls asleep at the wheel, crashes his car and is thrown from the vehicle. Come sunrise, the scene changes to a claymation world, and he picks himself up and strolls into a desolate town, straight out of a Western. As he walks along the dirt roads, he is met with scenes from his past Christmases in every store and saloon window while Justin Bieber and Poo Bear watch and later join him around a fire.

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Bryson Tiller and friends' “lonely christmas” can be found on Tiller’s A Different Christmas EP. Along with Bieber and Poo Bear, the EP also features collaborations with Tayla ParxKiana Ledé and Bryson’s daughter Halo on “Winter Wonderland."

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