Alicia Keys Reminisces On Past Selves In ‘Old Memories (Originals)’

Is Alicia Keys trying to pull an Inception on us? The songstress is already being experimental with her art on her latest release KEYS, a double-album that features original versions of songs on one side and reimagined — or “unlocked” — versions on another. Now her visuals are getting the experimental treatment, with the video for single “Old Memories (Originals)” taking a cue from the aforementioned 2010 movie by including multiple versions of herself amid trippy visuals.

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The clip starts with a photo show of the singer’s life, including photos of from her childhood and life with hubby Swizz Beatz. The camera then reveals a young Alicia hanging outside of a building where a fancy Benz is pulling up. Stepping out of the vehicle is a glamorously dressed adult Alicia draped in a red cape and floppy black hat. The two versions of Alicia never meet, but the youngster does sneak into the adults dressing room and watches her as she begins to sing the song acapella. From there, young Alicia steps into a world where yet another Alicia sits on a couch alongside beautiful people of all ages and shades who seem to be fading into some kind of golden dust. This is where we stay for the duration of the clip as this version of Alicia acts as a sage while singing about the good and bad of old memories.

The way that this is shot, it seems like there might be some kind of continued story that’s being told here. Guess we’ll see if there’s more to it as Alicia Keys continues to drop clips from KEYS. Until then, check out the creative visual for “Old Memories (Originals)” right here.

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