Sevyn Streeter & BIA Share An Enticing Invitation In ‘Nasty Girl’

Sevyn Streeter has established that she is not shy. But in the video for her single “Nasty Girl” featuring BIA, she proves it! While the song conjures ’80s melodic nostalgia, its visuals, which double as both a lyric and music video, would have made even Vanity blush.

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Speaking of the ’80s, the Mazhane Rima-Fleurim-directed video plays off of a retro camcorder look cut in-between basement sets with an empty bathtub and stripper pole scenes, all angled to show off Streeter’s undeniable assets. This all fits the song’s theme of being the lucky person to whom she is extending this personal but very public invite.

While Sevyn is no doubt the focal point here, the show wouldn’t be complete without some backup. She is surrounded by a squad of other assumed nasty girls who join her for minimal dance routines, wiggling, jiggling and some floor crawling to drive the point of the song home. No video for a song of this nature would be complete without twerking – and there’s plenty of it.

BIA makes a quick cameo for her verse, joining in via video chat. Donning orange tresses and embracing her softer side, she ends her brief appearance with a smile.

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While some of the sets have interesting backgrounds like shoe racks on the walls, plants, zebra-print wallpaper and gold furniture, it’s hard to focus on that when you have an overload of sexiness thrown your way in every frame. Sevyn remains in character until the very end where she hits the refrain, “I know that one day you’ll save my life (in time) / I was hopin’ that we could start tonight,” and smiles slyly with a wink, leaving one to wonder, was it a character at all?

Decide for yourself after watching the video, and check for more from Sevyn Streeter on her recent full-length release Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz.

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