Mariah Carey, Khalid & Kirk Franklin Want To ‘Fall In Love At Christmas’

It’s officially Mariah Carey season! Sorry, we mean Christmastime. We don’t mean to besmirch the reason for the season, or bypass Thanksgiving, but the grand diva has established a foothold on supplying the soundtrack of the holidays. To herald her return, Mariah has shared new single “Fall In Love At Christmas” featuring Khalid and Kirk Franklin.

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“Fall In Love At Christmas” might sound a bit familiar to the Lambs as the track has a similar melody to Mariah’s 1998 hit single “My All.” Over the lovey-dovey track, Carey and Khalid promise to make Christmas special to each other. Mariah gives us her classic notes, while Khalid supplies some great harmonies to back up Ms. Carey. Kirk, meanwhile, comes in at the bridge to turn things up by inserting some gospel harmonies. He then perfectly sums up the track, saying, “More than ever before / Love needs to be something we do / Not something we say / This holiday season, let’s give love away.”

The video for the song seems to be taken from a scene in Mariah’s upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas special, taking place at Mariah’s Butterfly Lounge. Khalid shows up at her doorstep in his PJs, takes a seat on her couch, drinks eggnog and starts harmonizing with mama Mariah. Later, they sing at the piano with Kirk and more than a few gospel singers. Finally, Mariah’s babies, Moroccan and Monroe, make an appearance. Despite seemingly retreading older material, Mariah and her co-stars sound great together and its a fun little track.

You can watch Mariah Carey, Khalid and Kirk Franklin perform “Fall In Love At Christmas,” as well as catch other Mariah hits and special guests, during her Apple TV+ Christmas special Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues, which is set to arrive on the streaming service this December.

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