Mack Wilds Wants You To Focus On The ‘Simple Things’

After four years away from the music scene in any full-time capacity to focus on his other craft, acting, Mack Wilds seems to have used the time to refine his sound. Returning with a mature, sultry single, “Simple Things” represents the evolution of the now Roc Nation-backed artist.

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The Anwar Sawyer-produced track is a slow, sexy track with distant electric guitar licks that meet with percussion snaps and leave nothing but space for Wilds to showcase his range. He plays with his tenor for the verses, transitions to higher notes for the hook and uses a distorted effect for the bridge before sliding into a quick spoken-word rap that surprisingly doesn’t kill the vibe.

The intuitive song is equal parts invitation and contemplation of why he continues to pine for the one he is with, opting to ignore the sticking points of their relationship in favor of the “simple things” that make it work. With lyrics that open the song, like, “Why am I so drawn to all your darkness? / Here I go again, blurring the lines / Your love isn’t based on my trajectory / I’m uninterested in leading the blind / There’s just something different ‘bout your love,” the maturity of the writing already lets you know this is a different Mack. SAT words and all.

Whether or not this is representative of most of the songs we will get when Wilds releases his next project, first singles usually set the tone for what to expect. Wilds himself stated about the comeback, “It’s been some time since our last full-on release, and so it made sense to lead with something from my own personal experiences and my heart. Like most of our stories, love just happens to be complicated. So this is just that; a complicated love song.”

Take some time to listen to “Simple Things” and get reacquainted with Mack Wilds. Then get ready.

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