Kaytranada Takes Us Higher On New EP ‘Intimidated’

At this point, anything that Kaytranada touches is going to be quality. So when the Canadian beatmaker announces a surprise new EP, of course, we’re gonna be here for it. And when that EP features that likes of H.E.R.Thundercat and Mach-Hommy, you know it’s going to be a jam. That’s exactly the case with Kaytra’s latest release, Intimidated.

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The three-song EP finds the producer in his bag, though this time he opts for smoother grooves than his usual high-octane dance floor burners. The title track enlists songstress H.E.R., who coos to a man who seems to be a little apprehensive about making his move. As piano underscores her words amid handclaps and bouncy drums, she makes it known that she’s open if he’s willing to get over himself. “Don’t wanna waste the feel / Like we can make it real,” she sings. “Don’t run away when you could be lovin’ me.”

Thundercat then comes through with his unique falsetto as he continues on the theme with “Be Careful.” With a rhythm that’s just a tad more uptempo thanks to swirling synths and propulsive drums, he sings about getting ready for an evening out that could end up a night in because of how good his girl is looking. The vibe for the proceedings changes up completely for closing track “$payforhaiti.” Mach-Hommy gets grimy over Kaytranada’s synthed-out beat as he spits in both English and Creole. It’s an impressive track that shows just how versatile Kaytra’s beats can be.

After winning a GRAMMY for BUBBA earlier this year, we knew that Kaytranada was only going to take us higher. Intimidated just confirms that his trajectory is aimed at the stratosphere.

Kaytranada Intimidated [Amazon][Apple Music]

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