India Shawn Enjoys Some Quality Time In 'TO CHANGE MY MIND'

India Shawn picks up where she left off in the "SUPERFINE" music video in the clip for "TO CHANGE MY MIND." When we previously saw the singer-songwriter, we rode shotgun with her as she whipped around Los Angeles in her SUV. It didn't seem as if she was headed anywhere in particular, but in "TO CHANGE MY MIND" we now see that India was on her way to a friend's house for a little music and chill.

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"TO CHANGE MY MIND" begins with India parked at her destination and touching up her makeup and hair. With her lipgloss poppin', she exits the vehicle and looks up to see her friend intently watching her from his home's balcony. Fellow recording artist Noah Guy plays the friend in question who welcomes India Shawn to his humble abode with a warm hug. As the day turns into night, they spend some quality time together just kicking it. We see the attractive pair in scenes of them taking turns playing his guitar and singing, eating takeout, taking selfies, slow dancing and even meditating. They have an undeniable chemistry that leads you to wonder if these two could, in fact, be more than friends. We sorta get an answer at the end when Noah bids India goodbye, and we see a flashback of an intimate moment between them.

Director Elizabeth Sim captures the mood and tone of the song perfectly in this video. The sweet interactions of two people as they navigate their attraction, apprehension and excitement are beautifully soundtracked by India Shawn's vulnerable lullaby.

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With the "TO CHANGE MY MIND" visual, India Shawn has officially released music videos for all seven songs found on her stellar BEFORE WE GO EP. To say that we're impressed would be an understatement. We may have just gotten BEFORE WE GO into our hands, but we already can't wait to hear and see where India's creativity and talent take her – and us – next.

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