Full Crate Just Wants To Be ‘Good To U’

SoulBounce fave Full Crate shares his newest release “Good For U” featuring T3 of Slum Village, Susan Carol, A-Trak and Adam Flowers. The track, laced with piano keys, layered with drum kicks and featuring Carol’s silky vocals on the chorus, draws a comparison to the underground hip-hop scene that emerged at the start of the 21st century. Considering the fact that Slum Village served as an inspiration to Full Crate, it makes sense why this soulful aesthetic is reminiscent of J Dilla.

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“Good To U” opens with a verse from one of Slum’s original members, as T3 opens up about what a relationship would look like with him. “Heavily experienced, your heart fragile / I can’t break that, that’s too special / You’ll never stress when I’m next to you / No obstacle can cut us loose,” he raps to his lady. The song transitions into the second verse, delivered by Southern California native Adam Flowers. On Instagram, Full Crate praised Flowers for his use of storytelling and his ability to truly capture the essence of this song. “Good To U” is a track that allows the artist to organically charm their lover while simultaneously putting their best foot forward. And with lyrics like, “And I’d say all the corny s**t like, how I get lost in your eyes / And how I love you more than, than there are stars in the sky,” it showcases that Flowers is definitely a keeper.

Full Crate and friends have given us another song to add to our cuffing season playlists with “Good To U.” Stream the single right here and scroll down to peep the comical commercials Crate dropped before its release.

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