Darius Is On The ‘RISE’ With Help From Benny Sings

The sounds of R&B, soul, disco and house have been influential the world over, in some cases inspiring new generations of music makers. That includes French producer and musician Darius who cut his teeth on the music from classic artists of the ’70s and ’80s. They helped inform his own sound, and now he’s sharing with the masses on his latest single “RISE,” which features fellow soul aficionado Benny Sings.

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“RISE” is a jam from the moment it starts. A funky guitar lick is paired with quick-paced drums and warm chords that all blend together for a cut that just feels good. Adding to the vibe is Benny, who rides the groove as he sings about allowing love and life to just flow naturally. “Ain’t it wonderful? / Let the music set you free / Let the thunder roll / So far away,” he sings on the chorus. “Ain’t it wonderful? / All the love that used to be / What you’re waiting for / Could it be me?”

The song’s video capitalizes on the song’s retro-modern feel, with its cast of characters representing different eras and ages in their style and appearance. They all come together eventually, with each getting lost in the song’s undeniable groove and even teaching each other a little something along the way.

“To find this touch and retro groove that can be found on ‘RISE,’ it was important to me that all the instruments be played live: bass, guitar, Rhodes, piano, drums,” Darius said of the song’s creation in a statement. “It was a great pleasure to produce this track because today it’s an opportunity for me to pay tribute to these artists, it’s a return to the roots.”

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The chemistry between Darius and Benny Sings is pretty great to hear and makes us wonder what other collaborations the rising producer has in his back pocket. Until then, get in the “RISE” audio and music video right here.

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