Adrian Marcel Deals With A Suspicious Lover On ‘In My Bag’

Adrian Marcel had us ready to welcome him back with open arms this summer with the release of his single “I Gotchu (End Of The Day).” With word on the street saying that the track will be featured on his upcoming EP Marcel, the singer is keeping the energy flowing by releasing another new single, “In My Bag.”

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Marcel opens up about being in his feelings on the guitar-laced track. As the bass knocks and the drums keep pace, Adrian lays out the scene about a suspicious lover who won’t stop questioning his intentions. It seems that no matter what he does to prove his love, she’s still making it known that she has no trust for him. “‘Cause I could ice ya wrist / Flood you out wit diamonds,” he sings. “But you stay on my s**t / Question where I been / I give you my time / My attention undivided / But you say I’m on the line / Thinking that I’m undecided.” This leads to hurt feelings on Adrian’s part, but she’s so busy making accusations that she doesn’t see the hurt she’s causing. It’s a different perspective than the typical cheating/creeping narrative than we usually get, and Adrian sells it with a vocal that shows his range.

Adrian Marcel hasn’t given full details about Marcel, but with a steady stream of singles, we can’t imagine it’s far off. While you wait for more from the singer, get into “In My Bag” when you press play.

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