Toian Tries To Work A Relationship Out In ‘Driving Me Crazy’

The idiom “driving me crazy” is arguably one of the most overused phrases in popular music history. However, Jamaican-American songstress Toian has been working to make the figurative expression a lot less eye roll and a lot more body roll with her new single of the same name and its accompanying visual – and it seems to be paying off.

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Somewhere where spacey melodic chimes and violin meet Afrobeats and reggae drum and bass foundations is where you’ll find “Driving Me Crazy.” The Supa Dups, Jaxx and Chris Gehringer-produced track (with additional production from Christopher Allen) allows Toian to bring bounce and charm. Choosing a laid-back cadence that’s echoed in her laissez-faire word choice and lyrics like, “I guess / Let’s just get undressed,” the song goes from describing frustrations in a budding relationship to insistence upon letting physicality work out all the kinks.

Directed by SevenEight, the music video falls just short of end-of-the-summer vibes, as it becomes obvious that this is what it was going for after seeing love interest Masego pull up in a drop-top while rocking a short set and Toian’s attempt to channel Aaliyah’s iconic sexy tomboy fashion. But bringing summer to the fall is never a bad idea.

Masego seems to have messed up at some point and spends most of the clip attempting to smile his way back into her good favor. He seems to accomplish his mission at the end after being subjected to some not-quite-Aaliyah dance routines from Toian and her girls.

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But what’s important is if this song and video make YOU dance. Bust a move to Toian’s “Driving Me Crazy” right here, and get ready for her forthcoming EP, which she says “is already complete.”

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