The Shindellas Look Good In The Midst Of 'Feeling The Pain'

Singers Kasi Jones, Stacy Johnson and Tamara Chauniece, collectively known as The Shindellas, are basking in glowing reviews for their debut album Hits That Stick Like Grits. The collection is full of soul food to feed your soul, and the trio are serving up even more treats with the music video for their single “Feeling The Pain.” The group first teased the visual for their heartbreak anthem when the song was released back in September. Now that it’s finally here, it is something to behold, but we expect nothing less from these sisters with voices.

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“We totally enjoyed making this video," The Shindellas gushed via press release about the clip. "This was like a scene from a '70s movie...the costumes, the make-up, the feel of the club just took us back in time.”

Known for their old-school throwback references, more than a few make an appearance in the Tyler Oates-directed video. We first see The Shindellas kicking it in a living room while dressed to the nines in coordinating dresses with their hair and makeup styled from different eras. As they sing and emote, there is a separate storyline shown in flashbacks with Tamara dealing with a no-good cheater who she shows the door. The narrative loosely follows the lyrics, and we see Tamara heartbroken but not broken. The second half of the clip shows The Shindellas in their element, glammed up in white gowns and performing the song in a lounge to an attentive audience. There's even a brief cameo from Louis York's Chuck Harmony on piano.

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The Shindellas' "Feeling The Pain" visual gives what it's supposed to. Get into their glam and this moment when you press play.

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