Summer Walker & JT Of City Girls Throw A House Party In 'Ex For A Reason'

Summer Walker shared via IG that she doesn't actually like her new single “Ex For A Reason" featuring JT of City Girls. After fan backlash, she admitted that she wanted to release the track “Toxic" instead, but it was out of her hands and she advised fans to get over it. Given the drama following Walker over the past year, this outburst seems on-brand for the R&B star. No matter how Summer or her fans feel, her label is going full steam ahead with promotion for the track and dropped a video.

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In the visual for “Ex For A Reason,” Summer takes us way back to March 2020, right before the pandemic really hit. We follow the singer and her girls as they cruise around Atlanta in a late-model drop-top with a license plate that reads “FRVRATL.” They pull up to a house, and we watch as the crew gets ready for a turn up while a lot is happening in the background. There’s a little boy getting his haircut in the kitchen, a couple getting it on in the back bedroom and other randomness that you do at home. When the house party does finally start, there's a lot going on there, too, with Summer and JT twerking in a light blue-colored room, an agile stripper doing gymnastics on a pole and a DJ who can’t seem to get it together while he attempts to add some comic relief.

Director Lacey Duke shared via Instagram how the video even came to be. “Summer had the audacity to call me out of my house to direct a video for a song she hates during mercury retrograde. Like a fool, I agreed to do it. I’ll spare y’all the details... She’s annoying, but she’s grown a lot. She said she’s ready for her guest star role on P-Valley lol. She wants to be a shot girl or there ya go,” she hilariously captioned a photo and video dump from the shoot.

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Whether you hate or love the song, get into this slice of Atlanta life in the "Ex For A Reason" video right here while you wait for Summer Walker's Still Over It to drop on Friday, November 11th.

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