Snoh Aalegra Shows Us What She'll 'DO 4 LOVE' For 'Spotify Singles'

Snoh Aalegra branched out musically when she dropped TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES this past summer (for proof, look no further than her recent video for "NEON PEACH"). Still, at her core, Snoh is always at home with lovelorn ballads. She plays up that vibe with her recent contributions to the Spotify Singles series, dropping off a new take on her song "LOST YOU" and cover Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love" that she's renamed "DO 4 LOVE."

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The biggest draw here, of course, is "DO 4 LOVE." The upbeat, jazzy track doesn't necessarily seem like it'd be in Snoh's wheelhouse of icy, cool soul. Don't let that fool you, though. Snoh handles the track deftly, picking up on the melancholy notes of the track and retooling it to a lovesick ballad. Helping her along is a beautiful arrangement of strings, synths and sped-up vocal samples that make the song linger in air like the first flakes of snow at the beginning of winter. Snoh's delivery here also impresses, as she adds a vocal that's crystal clear yet fraught with the emotion that the song's timeless lyrics suggest.

"LOST YOU" carries a similar vibe as "DO 4 LOVE," with piano and strings providing the musical backdrop. What's most different here, though, is the vocal itself. Snoh calls this version "screwed not chopped," which means that her voice is pitched down to a rich tenor as she sings. While the "screwed" method doesn't always work when it comes to R&B, this doesn't ruin the song's feel or meaning. Instead, it intensifies the song's sense of heartbreak.

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We're digging this versatility from Snoh Aalegra and loving the way she sounds on both tracks. Take a listen for yourself when you press play.

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