Jade Novah Is Feeling The Love On 'I Just Wanna Know'

If you've already watched Rihanna's latest Savage X Fenty Fashion Show on Amazon Prime Video, then you were no doubt wowed by the vocal talents of Jade Novah, who snatched all wigs with her soaring operatic performance that opened the program. Well, hold on to your edges because Jade continues to show that she has the range with her latest single "I Just Wanna Know."

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Jade brings us a track that blends classic soul sensibilities with contemporary R&B sass on "I Just Wanna Know." She is caught up in the rapture of love with a little lust in the mix, and her feels just got real. "Got the voodoo and it's good for you / I'm always in the mood, in the mood for you / Tell me if it's too soon / I just wanna know if this is love," she sings on the pre-chorus. "I just wanna know if this is love / Ooh, you got that magic in your stuff / Feel it in my soul, oh yeah sho nuff," she continues on the chorus, realizing that this ain't no ordinary love.

Co-written by Jade and her husband Devin Johnson (who also produced it), the happy couple clearly know a thing or twenty about the subject matter. “‘I Just Wanna Know’ is about that point in a relationship when desire & love are in perfect harmony. When you’re in that honeymoon haze, you look at everything through the lens of love," Novah said about the song's inspiration via press release. "Even the harmonies and vintage instrumentation in the music feel like a dreamy escape from reality,” she shared about the track's throwback melodies and her layered harmonies that give old-school girl group vibes.

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Jade Novah's "I Just Wanna Know" is her first piece of new music since she dropped her sophomore album Stages in February 2020 led by the cheeky single "Somebody Son." We don't know if this track is heralding a new album, a deluxe edition of Stages or just a one-off release, but we're absolutely loving it. Download or stream "I Just Wanna Know" from your digital music provider of choice, and stay tuned for the release of its music video that she's leading up to on her socials with a hilarious series of one-woman sketches that tackle love, loss and mental health" featuring Jade in all the roles as the Inner J's.

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