Evil Needle & QUIÑ Shine On ‘Liquid Light’

As he prepares for the release of a new LP next month, producer Evil Needle gifts his faithful following with a taste of what’s to come. “Liquid Light” drips with sensual energy and provides the perfect soundtrack for cold weather adult behavior. Singer-songwriter QUIÑ complements the sultry track as she sings of her desire for her lover and the passion that flows between the two of them. Grown folks will appreciate the nod to the timeless melody from Erykah Badu‘s “Other Side Of The Game” at the beginning of each verse, though the current tune continues along a more erotic course.

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Apparently, this collaboration is the result of longstanding and deep-rooted appreciation between the two. They both sing each others praises via social media, with Evil Needle noting QUIÑ as one of his favorite artists. QUIÑ echoes this sentiment and shares the following anecdote: “I’ve always gravitated to your sounds (and) got my bars up freestyling to them on my GarageBand as much as I could in my beginning.” We’re grateful that these two creative forces have collided and look forward to the promise of more.

Listen to Evil Needle’s “Liquid Light” featuring QUIÑ below, and show your support by purchasing the track from your preferred music service. His new LP L’Emprise‎ is due out on November 5th and is available for pre-save now. Limited edition vinyl is also available for pre-order and is said to include an exclusive track.

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