Asiahn Thinks It’s Time For Her Lover To ‘Fall Back’

After documenting her experience with heartbreak on the albums Love Train and Love Train 2, Asiahn creates boundaries on her new single “Fall Back.” Birthed from the journey of self-discovery, “Fall Back” prioritizes getting to know a potential boo better before handing out any titles. With lyrics like, “I just wanna lay you, baby / I just wanna drive you crazy,” and, “Can we take things a slower? / You want me here to console you / I’m just tryna get to know you,” it’s both honest yet tactful. The seductive track, laced with saxophones, harps and violins, was produced by Dreek Beatz and penned within 15 minutes by the songstress. “The story behind the song is, well, true,” Asiahn admits. “It’s a song telling that person to ‘fall back, you doing too much.’ Let’s just get to know each other and see if getting serious is even something we want to do.”

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The music video for “Fall Back” brings the song to life with a much-needed conversation between Asiahn and her eager friend with benefits. Amethyst (the gemstone with powers to soothe irritability and activate intuition) is seen within the first few scenes, proposing that Asiahn have this conversation sooner rather than later. And after later discovering flirtatious posties throughout her house amongst a plethora of items purposefully left behind, it’s safe to assume this conversation will be happening sooner. You can detect the love-bombing miles away, and it’s starting to intrude on Asiahn’s idea of dating. She confronts her perpetrator, a brown-skinned, brown-eyed beauty who clearly worships the ground Asiahn walks on. But after taking a couple of sips of wine and building up the liquid courage, she confesses that her lover needs to, “Fall back, I know you on a mission / You tryna make me your Mrs. / But let me play my position.”

Asiahn’s “Fall Back” comes amidst cuffing season and could come in useful if you need to send someone moving too fast a message. Add the song to your collections and playlists now, and stay in the know with the singer-songwriter via her new Asiahn App. For even more Asiahn, be sure to check her out as the lead character in Karma’s World, Netflix’s new animated series created by Ludacris.

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