Victoria Monét Throws It Back To The ’70s In ‘Coastin”

Victoria Monét came correct when she dropped her latest single “Coastin’.” The song is a throwback jam that channels a little bit of ’80s funk with a 2021 sensibility. A jam as undeniable as this was always going to get a visual, and Victoria made sure to deliver one worthy of the song.

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It appears to be the 1970s and we’re welcomed to Mama Monét’s, a ’50s-style diner where Victoria is a sassy waitress who doesn’t seem too thrilled about working there. After a couple orders a “Jaguar, Pt. II” special (a nod to the possibility of another EP coming soon, perhaps?), the first notes of the song are heard and things get underway. We don’t stay in the diner long, as we’re soon cruising down the highway with the singer and her girls to a party full of folks donning Afros and their best ’70s wear. Victoria gets in on the fun with a couple looks and even more dance moves as she rocks along to the song’s easy rhythm. To borrow a slang from the era the video portrays, it’s outta sight!

Outside of the brief mention in this video, Victoria Monét hasn’t given us much to go on about Jaguar, Pt. II‘s release. Since she’s mentioning it so casually here, hopefully that means its arrival is imminent. While we’re on the lookout, put on your bell bottoms and pick out your ‘fro while you watch Victoria do her thing in “Coastin’.”

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