KIRBY Comes Through Drippin’ With ‘Coconut Oil’

KIRBY is that chick. Of course, you already knew that thanks to her collection of singles and her EP Sis. We last got a dose of the bad chick’s boldness last month when she dropped her single “Break Her Heart For Me.” But just in case you were having a little amnesia about her flyness, she’s reminding you with her funky, sassy new single “Coconut Oil.”

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The song is called “Coconut Oil,” but it doesn’t have much to do with fragrant oil (other than the fact that it’s what’s keeping her ‘fro looking good and smelling nice). Instead, it’s about how poppin’ she is. “Baby I don’t go outside in the rain (Just got my hair done) / Nails on tip and them baby hairs laid (Like my bundles),” she sings. “Feeling so rich like I just got paid (Can’t have my bag low) / Thighs on thick and the booty the same (‘Cause it’s natural).” The lyrics coast over a groove that has a retro soul feel while keeping the content future-forward, similar to her 2020 single “We Don’t Funk.”

“Coconut Oil” is full of the playful style that we’ve come to know and love from KIRBY. And, with the singer-songwriting doling out singles left and right as of late, it might be a sign of things to come. Even it isn’t though, “Coconut Oil” is definitely a jam worth a few spins. Press play below to get yourself a taste.

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