James Vickery Spends Some Time With Yung Baby Tate On Revamped ‘Hourglass’

British singer James Vickery finally delivered his debut album with Songs That Make Me Feel this summer, giving our playlists a soulful boost. One of the standouts has been “Hourglass,” a smooth track that finds him wanting to spend a little more time with a potential Ms. Right. The song is a vibe with just James by himself, but the singer spices things up by adding rising singer/rapper Yung Baby Tate to the mix for a newly revamped version.

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The initial sound of the song doesn’t change much from the original. The soft groove remains intact as James opens the track with a verse expressing what his lady means to him. YBT makes her presence felt by the second verse, however, as she sweetly sings a response to James’ sentiments. “I’ll be your pick-me-up when you feel down, let me stimulate you, babe / Want you to feel me up, these hours are ours / Every single day, every single day, I’ll keep you warm,” she sings. “Just hold me closer, stay if you want / I’m ready to make you mine this time.” She then sticks around to contribute a few ad-libs, showcasing how complementary their voices are to one another while drawing us further into their romantic vibe.

As we stated, James Vickery didn’t need an assist here. However, we gladly welcome Yung Baby Tate to the proceedings and this has intrigued us to get to know the artist even better. Check out the new version of “Hourglass” when you press play and, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Songs That Make Me Feel from your digital retailer of choice.

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