Inayah Wants You To Know She's The Best In 'Peaches'

Remember the nightclub scene from Coming To America where Prince Akeem was trying to find his queen but could only pull the misfits? One of the more hilarious moments from the gut-busting scene was when one of the ladies rapped the lyrics, “My name is Peaches and I’m the best / All the DJs want to feel my breasts.” Houston-based artist Inayah took that hot line and made it a hot song with "Peaches." One of the stand-out tracks from her Side A EP, Inayah proves on “Peaches” that she’s not only good for singing like she’s Patti LaBelle, but she can also drop a hot 16 like Missy Elliott.

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Over a percolating throwback beat, Inayah drops knowledge on how she can pull a man. “Had to drop that old n***a / Now I’m packing it light / If the d**k swing low, n***a you my type,” she rhymes, referencing her viral hit “Sugar Daddy” and Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady,” giving us her unique blend of raunchiness and cleverness.

In the video for "Peaches," Inayah and her girls are chilling in her bedroom, sipping champagne and playing a hilarious game of Never Have I Ever. In the midst of their fun, Inayah gets a text inviting them to a '90s party at the skating rink. Everyone is down like four flats, and Inayah busts a quick freestyle while they’re getting ready. She spits her fire bars from the bedroom to the corner store before her girl posse rolls up to the roller rink to show off their best moves. There's some animation throughout the clip that gives it a whimsical feel.

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If you’re feeling Inayah’s flow on “Peaches,” check out more of what this emerging star has to offer on Side A and keep your ears and eyes open for what she's got coming.

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