Benny Sings Takes On The Boss With ‘Dancing In The Dark’

Whenever you hear another artist, chances are you’re also hearing the artists that have inspired them. That’s why so many artists delight in covering some of their favorite tracks. With Benny Sings, it’s obvious that he was inspired by some of the singer-songwriters who came to prominence in the ’80s, including quintessential rock star Bruce Springsteen. So it comes as no surprise that the Dutch musician has offered up a cover of one of The Boss’ biggest songs, “Dancing In The Dark.”

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The original was a smash hit in 1984, with a driving pop rhythm that encourages all to sing along. Benny takes that inspiration and informs it with his modern yacht rock sensibility. Bright, happy synths accompany the lyrics, which find a man looking to love to save him from the frustrations of his life. While Benny’s approach and vocal is decidedly different than Springsteen’s, the sentiment still comes through loud and clear, showing that a great song transcends time.

“Bruce Springsteen is such an inspiration for me,” Benny Sings said of why he decided to take on the hit. “His songs are so strange, and yet so good. Felt like a great challenge to tackle one of his songs. We did this cover with the whole band, so that was a new experience for me as well. I loved doing this with the guys that have been with me the past couple of years. Also, working in the legendary Wisseloord studios was a treat. So all in all it was a very enjoyable experience. Hope you can hear that.”

You can listen to the Benny’s take on the track right here and then stick around to watch a short clip of Benny and his band creating the track in the studio.

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