VanJess Add Lucky Daye To The Mix To Steam Up ‘Slow Down’

VanJess have proven that they are the queens of the sensual jam time and time again. The most recent evidence of that is, of course, their EP Homegrown. Is there any way that the sister duo can make their sound sexier? Maybe if they added the much sought-after R&B dude Lucky Daye into the mix. The crooner helps turn the temperature up even higher by hopping on the latest version of Homegrown single “Slow Down.”

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This new version isn’t really a remix in that it doesn’t change up the groove. The sexy saxophone lick still provides the song’s melodic base, and it still simmers with sensual intensity. What does change is the opening verse, with Lucky providing us with new lyrics to set the mood. Sticking to the original sultry production, Daye sings on the new first verse, “You got me taking my time / Pressing rewind, just to make the moment longer,” he sings. “Can you slow down the time from 9 to 9 / I love how you be making me stronger / Inch by inch, got your scent on my lips.” His adding the male perspective to the proceedings (and adding ad-libs through the song) makes everything seem that much steamier.

When we heard that there would be a new version of “Slow Down,” we were worried a bit as it was one of our favorites from the EP. Was adding Lucky Daye to the track a necessary thing? Not at all. Are we mad at it? Not one bit.

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